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  • Stuck on a project that shouldn't be taking this long?

  • Is your project delayed because of a tech hurdle?

  • Are you frustrated and just want to get it done? 

  • Is the delay costing you money by not being done?

  • Need your virtual Assistant to know tech for you?

  • Don't have time to walk your team through something?

  • Having a basic tech problem?

    Use this calendar to book a 30 minute session for $30.

     If you are not sure if you need 30 or 60 minutes, book a 60 minute so we can be sure to get your tech needs sorted out in a single session as I may not have availability to extend to an hour.

    Have a more advanced need?

    Use this calendar to book a 60 minute session for $60.

    If you want me to train your VA on a specific tech task this is typically the appt to book so that there is time for Q&A and implementing it in your specific system needs.

    Our Featured Tools

    Checkout our most popular courses & tto. These are recently updated with all new content.

    Client Attraction Program

    Describe in a few words what this course is about, who is this course for, and how is this course going to help your audience go from where they to where they desire to be, within a fixed time frame.

    As a Holistic Tech its important to look at the needs of your WHOLE business.

    There are so many tech tools out there it's easy to get overwhelmed and distracted by the next shiny object. What I do is get a full picture of where you are, where you want to be, what your natural strengths are, and help you map out the best tools, platforms, & systems to be able to automate and scale your business where you can so you can focus on getting your clients results.

    • Gmail, GSuite, Google Apps/Workspace (Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms Sites), Chrome & Extensions

    • CRM's Streak, GroupTrack, Groove, Kartra, Kajabi

    • Social Media: Smarterqueue, Planoly, doTERRA Social, Buffer, Hootsuite, Canva

    • And just about anything else you can do with a computer!

    1:1 Tech Support

    30 & 60 minute options to go over whatever tech has got you stuck. If you are unsure of how long, book 60 minutes to ensure enough time for your session.

    Tech Courses

    I have a variety of courses available for individual purchase. These are self paced and I have a support group on facebook for any questions.  

    Group Tech Support for Coaches

    I work alongside coaches taking the tech off their shoulders so they can focus on their clients and program. Available on recurring or ad-hoc basis.

    Free live coaching

    Tune in to my facebook group "Making Tech Simple" on Thursdays at 11am & 4pm to get some great tech tips and have the opportunity to get free support.

    What people say

    "I looked everywhere for personal tech support. & finally I found Colleen! She is the best & knows so much no matter what topic I need help on. From productivity hacks, apps, to integrating everything thing with ease. She is patient which is the best part for me. She never makes me feel... well, dumb..🙂 there is so much tech out there and she can help you streamline it all."

    Paula J

    "Colleen really helped me get my streak system sorted out so that I could start using it!"

    John D

    “I was stuck for over a month just not using my system and in under an hour it's all set up and I can use it! I wish I booked her sooner!"

    Sandra M