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Participants get to receive a customized complementary trial kit of oils based on their personal wellness needs. Then Embark on a hand on week of robust education and fun and prizes! 

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You Will Learn:

  • RINSE & REPEAT - When you are doing the same process flow for each and every customer your retention rate will skyrocket

  • DUPLICATABLE - Everything you learn is 100% duplicatable to your team so they can find success with you!

  • CUSTOMIZE - When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) systems, one size does NOT fit all. Stop wasting time and money trying to use a CRM in a box. Create a free, customized CRM right inside of your Gmail. Track your customers through prospecting, sales, and retention and identify future builders all in one place, so nobody falls through the cracks again.

  • STRATEGIZE - Put an end to sitting down at your desk and working from multiple to-do's lists, wondering where to begin. Make your day "plug and play." Leverage your new CRM to establish a process for completing key tasks at specific times. Take the guesswork out of deciding whether you are spending time on the "right" activities that move your business forward.

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How much does streak cost?

There are different levels you can choose from when selecting your Streak Plan. Please note, there may be a monthly fee associated with using Streak (completely separate from Drive Performance Coaching). Check pricing here: https://www.streak.com/pricing You can also get 50% off the Streak Pro plan through us.

LIVE Coaching

All students will be given access to a private Facebook community where we can share tips and tricks you've learned throughout the course. Each month Colleen & Jenna will host LIVE coaching on the first Thursdays every month at 2pmEST. Members will be given access to the Follow Up System Format

Follow Up System Format

This course is taught on a system that integrates with Gmail, GSuite, & Google apps. You will need to use a Gmail or GSuite account.

Self paced course

All course materials are available in Thinkifc and can be completed at your preferred speed.

What Others Are Saying


If you are tired of feeling stuck and disorganized in your business then I HIGHLY recommend Colleen & Jenna! They have completely transformed the way I do my business and has helped give me a system to keep me super organized! The done-for-you follow up system is amazing and I’m beyond grateful for their guidance!


Colleen & Jenna are the accountability and “right” action experts you need. Trust me they have been amazing for me and my biz and it’s only been 1 month!

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